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Dubai City Facts

History of the city state

History states that in the year 1830 a tribe called the Bani Yas which came from the Liwa oasis took over Dubai.  The tribe was led by the Maktoum family who still rules United Arab Emirates. At Deira itself there are around 350 shops which is one of the many Dubai attractions. No other place in the world has as many gold souks as Dubai. No one should ever miss the Dubai Museum, as it is here that you get to know a lot about the history of this place, the moment you enter the museum.

Pictures, video clippings, traditional equipment, tools used, clothing, currency, kitchen equipments, etc. and detailed information is available here. The main occupation of the people living here has been fishing, rearing goats and sheep, date farming and fishing pearls. Dubai in the initial stages imported lots of spice, industrial products, food items, and everything necessary for the commercial development of the city.
Major credit goes to the rulers of UAE who have made the city synonymous with successful. Federation of the UAE was created when Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi came together in the year 1971 after the withdrawal of the British. In 1966 oil was discovered and revenues were used to maximum extent to improve standards of the region.

Cultural backdrop

A few years back, culture in Dubai was very different. Deira is the northern area while Bur Dubai is the Southern area was separated by a creek. The city’s two important halves are now well connected by a tunnel known as the Al Shindagha tunnel which is found running under the creek. Though people of all religions live here, Islam is the only official religion. Official language of the people here is Arabic but at the same time many other languages are also spoken here which makes the city diverse in nature. Children are also taught a number of foreign languages in various schools in Dubai. One of the most important culture festivals of the place is the Dubai Shopping Festival which you can witness by availing discount flights to Dubai set around that time.

Weather facts

Weather in Dubai is very unpredictable. Sometimes it rains very heavily and sometimes it does not rain at all. Climate is arid as well as sub tropical. Every year the rainfall usually amounts to around 13 centimeters. During the summer months, temperatures rise up to even 48 degrees and can go as low as 10 degrees. As the area is only a desert, the sands tend to heat up during the day and the nights are cold. Towards the end of the year the weather is very pleasant at time when a lot of tourists come to visit this place.

Dubai Sight seeing

Many tour operators offer competitive rates and cheap holidays Dubai trips to take you touring to different places in Dubai. One of the most sought after place is the beautiful Jumeirah mosque. Both the ultra modern lifestyle as well as the traditional culture of the people here is reflected in every building. While moving along the beach road, a glance at the Sheik’s palace is a trip to Eden. The gold as well as spice souks are worth splurging your holiday budget on. A boat ride can be taken on the water taxi also known as the Abra. With all its historical buildings, cultural heritage, the renowned Dubai Museum which is housed by the Al Fahidi Fort, the city completely justifies the epithet - the ‘City of Gold’.

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