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Mesmerizing Dubai!

Dubai Local attractions

Local attractions are many but one of the biggest icons of the city is Burj Al Arab a hotel of the highest international standards. As far as hospitality of the Arabs is concerned, new standards have been set by this hotel. Exteriors are simply magnificent and amazing. It was in 1999 that the Burj Al Arab was inaugurated. Offices of some of the most well renowned companies are located in this beautiful city of gold.

From the coastal areas of Dubai you will get the chance to see the 300 islands which are man-made! It was from the sea itself that the sand was dredged to create these islands. One of the most important projects, ‘The World’ is also one of the top Dubai attractions. The aquariums here are breathtaking. It’s a wonderful experience watching a variety of fishes both huge and small amongst beautiful corals in the museums.

The government of Dubai has also got one of the best information and technology park created here. Dubai Metro will ensure that all the regions of Dubai remain well connected as otherwise travelling costs are very high in Dubai.

Famous Mosques

The main religion followed by Muslims in Dubai is Islam, where people pray five times a day. Many beautiful mosques are seen in Dubai each one more beautiful than the other. These houses of worship like the famous Jumeirah Mosque are visited by hundreds of people in Dubai on Fridays. It is estimated that there are around 188 mosques in this beautiful city and their numbers have been increasing because of the increasing number of people moving to this city since the past few years. The number is expected to grow in the future.

Dubai Beaches

Though Dubai is a desert city, it is simply amazing to see its beautiful beaches. Many beautiful beaches line the entire coastal areas of this beautiful city. Along Jumeirah Road you will get to see the Jumeirah beach. Part of the beach is accessible to the public while the remaining can be accessed by only those who pay and use the beach area. Here you get to enjoy services at clubs which are privately owned, various hotels, etc. Beaches are spotlessly clean, maintained well in Dubai, with all kinds of luxurious accommodation options lining the coast. Another popular beach is the Al Mamzar beach at Deira.
Families can have their picnics here with some delicious barbeques. You can try out cheap holidays Dubai for an exotic experience.

How to travel to and within the City of Gold

If you are thinking of traveling to Dubai then considering discount flights to Dubai, or Emirates Airlines, the flag bearer of Dubai is the best choice. The fleet has been increasing considering passenger traffic to this city throughout the year. This is one reason why the number of terminals has now extended to a total of three. Passengers are allowed to take luggage of around 70 kg.
Bus services and mini taxi services make traveling to the terminals and to and fro the city itself a very easy process. While you are at Dubai airport you can take maximum advantage of duty free shopping.


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