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Planning A trip to Dubai?

Know the Culture

Majority of the local population follows Islam. Many mosques are seen at almost every locality in Dubai. It is within the culture of Islamic people to pray five times a day. The people here gain a lot of inspiration, wisdom as well as strength from their culture. One of the most beautiful mosque’s you get to see in Dubai is the Jumeirah Mosque. The style used is the medieval Fatimid, where stone has been used to construct the spectacular minarets and the main prayer hall. Dubai dazzles through the night with malls, mosques and various other locations lit up beautifully.

Muslims follow the holy month of Ramadan, when they fast for all the 30 days. Nothing is eaten the entire day, not even water, but in the evening the fast ends and continues again from next day morning. The Holy Koran is read page by page throughout the day, and people refrain from any untoward or un-befitting activity. People are very friendly and well mannered here and emphasis is given on being hospitable and courteous. Visitors from all over the world throng to this beautiful city, year after year and don’t seem to get enough of it.

Planning The Trip

You can always consider the cheapest flights to Dubai if you are planning a trip to this world by itself. Remember to plan way in advance especially if you are going to attend the Dubai Festival. A number of essential things need to be kept in mind while planning the trip. Check the internet to find out essential details of venue and specials during the vacation. If you go through the tour pages you will get an idea which places are among the ones you should not miss at any cost. A map of Dubai can be kept so that it gives you an idea of how far sightseeing places are away from each other.

The period between November and March is the best time to visit this place this is the winter period when the weather is extremely pleasant. During the fasting month, Ramadan, it is best to go to Dubai more for observance of the Holy Month requisites and fill your diary with qualitative entries on a culture that oozes spirituality. During the time, people here do not eat and drink throughout the day except after sunset till next early morning. If you are thinking of buying liquor, the best option is the duty free shopping where it is available at a cheaper rate. One of the most essential things is applying for the visa on time.

How to travel

You can definitely consider cheap holidays Dubai packages which will enable you to save some money for your shopping. Travelling by Dubai’s national carrier Emirates Airlines is the perfect choice. Dubai International Airport is one of the most interesting places to see, while you are on your visit here.

Spend some time to have a good look at this prestigious airport. The airport has basically three terminals where one and three are constructed keeping modern technologies in mind. The latest attraction is the Dubai Metro which keeps you connected to most of the locations in Dubai.

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